Mayumana "Currents"


In our show Currents, we wanted to explore this potential of combining seemingly opposing dynamics in rhythm, movement and music. This amalgamation of diverse elements creates an electric juxtaposition and is the visual and audio experience of Currents.

This show is accompanied by multi-media video which gives different perspectives to the audience, alternating between amplifying the live action and being a point of contrast to the narrative on stage at the same time.

This is Mayumana's DNA show, you will find everything inside: some of the most classic pieces along completely new parts, we are working on it all the time, adding and adjusting it nonstop, that's the way we like it, its dynamic and changing and improving all the time.

Mayumana realizó en 2003 una campaña de publicidad de Coca-Cola light al Limón, la cual fue acogida con gran éxito en la televisión.

"...La fusión de diversos elementos crea una yuxtaposición eléctrica que genera una experiencia visual y auditiva única...”